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The PianoClass Music Review Project


Thank you for your interest in applying for the PianoClass Music Review Project.


What exactly is the PianoClass Music Review Project?
It is our way to give a warm welcome to our new students. We offer you, free of any charge, 15 days to have any music piece of your repertoire reviewed by us and a 6-month suggested plan for your studies.

After these 15-day free trial, do I have any obligation with the PianoClass?
Not at all! If you decide to go on with your lessons with us, everything will be already set within these first 15 days. If you decide otherwise, nothing will be charged, and no questions will be asked.

Are there any conditions to sign up for this project? If I want to play as an amateur / to achieve a professional level, is this really for me?
The PianoClass was founded with the aim of making every student to play at a professional level, even the beginners and those who do not want pursue a concert pianist career. The only differences will be how many music pieces you will have ready in your repertoire – and not the level you will play them.

What may I expect to receive from this “Review” the PianoClass is offering?
Although it will heavily depend on the material you sent us, whenever it is possible, we will try to include:

  • A detailed comment about your music and its style and place in history.
  • A comprehensive list of related pieces of music and topics you should read at the piano or know about.
  • Excerpts of your music, played at the piano and carefully recorded, showing what you should do to improve your interpretation.
  • A detailed explanation on how to play in order to achieve the sound richness you will be listening to in this review.
  • How to solve occasional technical problems you have shown.
  • A step by step instruction for your daily studies.

And, if you provided us with enough information,

  • we will send you a 6-month suggested plan for your studies.
  • we will work together preparing you for a piano competition, concert, admission test or any kind of event you have already scheduled.

I really like all of this. What should I do next?
Sign up for your FREE 15-day trial followed by a Six-Month Contract and start right now to enjoy our assistance and discuss with one of our teachers the best plan for you to achieve your musical potential. Remember that if you choose to stop learning piano with us within these first 15 days, you can cancel your subscription, and nothing will be charged. No questions will be asked.

I have already signed up to the free trial. What is the next step?
Please, send us the best possible music recording you have played that you believe shows the best you can do right now. It does not mean the most difficult music you have played, neither it is necessarily the last one you have studied. Also, you should keep in mind that, if you can choose, it is better to use a regular acoustic vertical piano than a high-end digital keyboard. However, do not postpone your recording if there is just a digital piano available right now.

Could you help me in choosing this music?
Sure! Here is our best advice to choose this music: try to balance its complexity with the easiness with which you play it. Unless you have studied piano for just a few days on your own, the Mozart Menuet KV2 will not show too much about you, but there is no point in sending a Chopin Ballad you can hardly go through or any music you are struggling with on each bar.

Should I send something more than the chosen music?
Absolutely! Besides the video of your wisely chosen music, record another one telling us any useful information you may want to give. It will improve the relevance of our comments if you include information like:

  • Your name and where you are living (we need to know in which time zone you live).
  • Name and composer of your music and, if possible, which edition you chose to learn it.
  • For how long and which kind of experience you have related exclusively with the music you sent us.
  • Why you are seeking help to improve your development and what are your short and long-term goals.
  • Your experience with the piano and previous presentations

What will happen when the 15-day free trial period ends?
If you have decided to continue your improvement and enjoyment of learning piano with us (by not canceling your free trial within the first 15 days), PayPal will charge you 6 monthly payments of € 129. By this point, you will already have your Live Lessons or Custom-tailored Video Lessons scheduled.

Sure, I will keep my lessons with PianoClass! What does my first contract include?
Besides the 15-day free trial, your contract includes 22 Live Lessons (55 minutes each on weekdays) OR 720min of Custom-tailored Video Lessons for the next six months. Either way, you will have in addition 18 Special Activities plus Extra follow-up with your teacher between lessons and activities. Your lessons will follow a one weekly individual lesson meeting, distributed in six months, respecting your schedule (trips and holidays) and our Academic Calendar.

Do not forget to tell us about your videos!
As soon as you have uploaded your videos, please, send us the links to PianoClass@PianoClass.com. You may use the platform that best suits you: YouTube.com or Vimeo.com as they allow a better sound quality, and we would be able to assemble an exclusive classroom for you there. But don’t hesitate because of that! Just send the video the way you prefer.

HINT: Place your recording device in a way we can see your posture, movements and your hands, and try to capture the best possible sound quality.

In case you need help to record or to send us the video, feel free to write us about your problem.

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