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PianoClass History

On August 18th, 2019, PianoClass completed 21 years making music and art!
We are very glad to share with you a little bit of our history.

Even before launching PianoClass, we’ve studied and researched quite a lot about pedagogy, methodology, teaching, learning and we already had 10 years of experience on stages and in the classrooms.

PianoClass was born in Pelotas – RS, Brazil, promoting lectures and master classes due to the partnership of pianists committed to making music on a high-level, willing to offer more qualification courses in our city.

To make art, one must live!

Therefore, we promoted, took part on and traveled with our students to Master Classes, lectures, concerts, festivals, courses, and contests, and launched the first online music portal in the country, which included a digital magazine and a discussion forum.

New timbers (singers, flutist, guitar player, conductors …) have been at PianoClass for courses, lectures, interviews, articles, and lessons. Always focusing on the piano, today we also have a composer with us who offers courses on different areas related to musical creation, develops projects aiming at pianistic learning through didactic compositions and is available for arrangements and brand new compositions on varied formations and styles.

We’ve traveled quite a lot and showed our art through Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, Florianópolis, Porto Alegre, Santa Maria, Pelotas, Rio Grande, … ), in Turkey (Istambul), in the Netherlands (Amsterdam), and in Japan (Suzu-shi). In addition, we have taught students from Brazil, the United States, Portugal, France, and Lebanon.

Continuing our studies related to learning and making use of new technologies, we designed a unique learning system so our students could learn faster, in a more complete way and sooner become more independent on their musical journey.

Technology allowed us to break time and space barriers, and so we became 100% online. Now we are much closer to our students, who enjoy the personalized lessons, can contact us at any time, and have a much more safe and efficient practice, beyond taking part on master classes, guided concerts and many other events from the comfort of their homes.

Today, PianoClass is based in Europe and is designing new studying, performing and musical producing plans to enrich even more the knowledge and experiences offered to our students.

Those who wished to know our journey in more details, may click on the below years and take a walk with us through some of the memories already included in our website. Despite not being totally complete, as it will take several years to include here every register we have, they will help you understand the ways that brought us to be who we are today.

The years below will all be links in time

1998   1999   2000   2001   2002   2003   2004   2005   2006   2007   2008   2009   2010   2011   2012   2013   2014   2015   2016   2017   2018   2019   2020




We are still working on the projects for the next year. Soon you’ll see some of them here.

In the meanwhile, write to us saying what you expect from PianoClass in 2020. Maybe we may be able to include your idea in our plan for next year.




A very special partnership will bring the online PianoClass courses to life. They will be very precise, clear and objective courses, designed to offer a complete musical development to our piano students! Soon, they will be available at iClassical Academy website.

At first, the courses will be about specific repertoire like Bach’s 2-part Inventions. And soon, we’ll also have other collections to the first childhood and amazing tips for those who really want to make art through the piano.


Tonara is an app created to easily save notes and records from your lessons and guidance for your practice. It offers metrics about your daily piano practice, awards each moment dedicated to the piano, and makes comunication and material exchange between teacher and student much easier.

We are together with this amazing team to develop this much-needed tool for those who want to make art at the piano.

Our students have full access to all the apps features and their suggestions are always forwarded to managers and technical staff to be implemented as new features of the future versions.

Piano Pérolas

In September, we received the pianist Carla Reis at PianoClass, who offered us her rote repertoire book, written with Liliana Botelho, Piano Pérolas – Quem brinca já chegou!.

Soon, this Piano Pérolas project will have PianoClass’s participation through recordings, seminars, workshops and many other ways to spread the word about Brasilian didactic music and to offer updates and resources for piano teachers.

Educador Musical

Revista Educador MusicalWe are now Educador Musical magazine partners, focused on music teachers and teachers to be.

The first interview with PianoClass pianist and teacher, Fernanda Machado, was published on their 3ª edição edition – August/September.

Two articles are already in the way to be published in the next editions, both aiming the online piano teaching.


Special Activities

We already have 30 live Special Activities scheduled for this year, including the debut of Musical Creation in our concerts: 21st PianoClass in Concert – Musical Creation.

PianoClass Review

PianoClass ReviewAt the beginning of the year, we were contacted by Daniel Cooper because he wanted to post a review of our lessons on his website. The result was posted on June, 21st: Honest Review Of PianoClass.com.

We appreciate Daniel’s amazing work and kind words.

And much more

While the year is not over, PianoClass will continue creating novelties to our students and our audience.




PianoClass has moved our piano studios to Portugal, the most connected country in Europe and with the best internet service, teaching now 100% online. The Musical Creation studio is also very close, right there in Spain.


Our pianos were renewed to upgraded models:

  • Yamaha CG1 (cauda) Yamaha C2X (grand)
  • Yamaha U1 (vertical) Yamaha U3 (upright)
  • Now, they are tuned and maintained by the Casa da Música (Porto) professionals: Neto Rocha – piano experts.

    Special Activities

    There were 27 live Special Activities this year, including the 20th PianoClass in Concert.



    In time, we’ll add the previous years here too.

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