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How-to - music and technology

How to

Here at PianoClass, we joined art and technology to take the continuous guidance of our teachers to you.

To make sure this experience will always be exciting, we created the “How to” for you to enjoy the most of all we have to offer you!

We are constantly updating the section of our website. If you still have any question after reading a topic, or if you realize there is something missing on any of our explanations, please let us know so we may keep the “How to” always useful and complete.


How to make the most of your Private Lessons

In addition to the technical topics, we also want to share tips and guidance to help you make the most of your lessons and optimize your musical development.

Netiquette on your live and recorded lessons

In this new virtual world, a guide to know how to behave and make the most from your online lesson.

First online live lesson

Learn how to enjoy the most of your Live Online Personalized Lessons.


How to use our Virtual Platforms

Correctly install and set up the virtual platforms used with PianoClass.


How to install, set up and use Zoom with PianoClass.


How to watch, post and organize videos shared with PianoClass’ teachers.


How to perform in the inConcert

PianoClass in Concert

Assure a successful performance properly preparing, recording and showing up at the concert.