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Special Activities

Guided Concert - Special Activity PianoClass in Concert

To learn music one must live it!
At PianoClass, our students go far beyond the personalized lessons as they have complete involvement and support through our Special Activities.

Review Class

Rich lessons full of essential knowledge and skills presented objectively for your best musical development. [read more]

Piano Forum

The PianoClass professors and special guests answer and clarify questions and topics sent by our students and our audience. [read more]

Master Class

When our students finish reading a new piece, they have the opportunity to attend a master class to take their music to the next level of maturity and art. [read more]

Technical Rehearsal

Posts and videos are great but they are not always enough. After reading them, our students may schedule individual Technical Rehearsals with our professors.

Guided Concert

A virtual journey with our teachers and students to learn even more and watch great concerts throughout the world. [read more]

PianoClass in Concert

The perfect moment for our students to perform their art.

Check our event’s schedule on the PianoClass Academic Calendar page.

More PianoClass events

Beyond the Special Activities, PianoClass produces and participates in in-person and online events.
We are slowly including our past events here: