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Piano for Kids

At PianoClass, the Piano for Kids lessons open a new world for our younger students and their families. Using the piano, the body, and the voice, we discovered what makes the musical language so rich and immersive. By watching concerts and listening to music, we increase our repertoire and our passion for art. Knowing the great composers, we can discover different cultures from different times. Through sheet music, we learn the importance of writing down thoughts and using that to go beyond just the ideas.

The best gift you can give to your child!

At this moment, the PianoClass for Kids is available only in Portuguese!
Please contact us if you’d like to have this course also available in English.

PianoClass for Kids

  • For 3 to 9 years old children + an adult
  • Courses in modules with specific topics and artistic repertoire
  • A PianoClass teacher to follow and guide the course (optional)
  • Complete and children adequate video lessons
  • Exclusive learning material to use on and offline
  • Each family sets their own schedules to take the lessons and to practice
  • Imediate access to the 1st module

Video lessons, online/offline activities, and personalized assistance

We use the most reliable platforms which are also free to our students:
The video lessons are organized in Vimeo channels, a safe platform, without ads, and with high definition image and sound.
Our learning material is created by PianoClass teachers and made available via via Google Drive for you to have easy access at any moment or place.
The learning material is intended to be printed to minimize the electronics and maximize handling the physical material.
By adding the personalized assistance, your teacher will be available in and exclusive WhatsApp chat to receive photos and videos, clarify any questions, and guide kids and adults in each lesson.


Start now with the option that best works for your family!

What do you need to learn from this course?

  • A child and an adult
  • A tuned acoustic piano (preferable) or a digital 88-key piano
  • Computer, tablet, or smartphone with internet access
  • Ability to print the learning material
  • Basic school material: paper, pencil, eraser, colored pencils

Content and objectives for the PianoClass for Kids course

 Reading and writing sheet music
 Posture and pianistic technique
 Ear training
 Improvisation and Harmony
 Music history – composers and interpreters 
 Themes from great repertoire
 Musical literature and piano repertoire
 Rich and intriguing repertoire


Start your PianoClass for Kids adventure now

At this moment, the PianoClass for Kids is available only in Portuguese!
Please contact us if you’d like to have this course also available in English.



Do you still have questions? Here are the answers:

Do I need to have some preexisting knowledge about music or piano?

No, the course is designed so that the children and the adults may learn together.

We already have some musical education. Is the course still worth it?

Yes, since it is possible to accelerate the course according to the child’s learning experience.

However, if the child already reads piano sheet music fluently, already has ear training, knows some of the histories of the great composers and can play passages from their pieces on the piano, and recognizes the main musical styles from the last three centuries, we would suggest taking our piano lessons instead.

Is there an available teacher, or is the course prerecorded?

Our PianoClass for Kids students can always send questions in case the video lessons and the learning material are not enough to follow the lesson with confidence and fun.

If you add Personalized Assistance, there will be a teacher following your course's progress. Child and adult will have 2 Follow-ups and one complete feedback for each lesson. In other words, around 10 Follow-ups and 5 feedbacks per module.

How long is this course?

The kids can learn new repertoire at the PianoClass for Kids as long as they have fun with this course.

They may change to individual live lessons after completing at least 10 modules and being 10 years old.

Of course, we are always available to assess exceptions.

How long is each lesson?

It will be different for each module and each lesson.

Some lessons may last 25min and others may need much more time. It is possible that you may choose to break it in two days.

As all lessons have several small activities, each family may organize them as they see fit. As long as you keep the piano practice daily and keep a good frequency for the remaining activities.

It is expected that younger kids may take longer time and older kids will do it faster.

How many days/week should I practice?

The course expects 1 day for the lesson and 4-5 days for practicing. However, your child will be delighted if you practice every day.

How does the course fit in with family trips?

Easily! There are always activities that can be done out of the piano. Just take the learning material with you (physical or digital) and continue playing, even if you have to space it out.

What if we have a question?

The PianoClass keeps an open channel with all students.

If you don't have Personalized Assistance, write us an email and we will try to solve the issue as soon as possible.

If you have Personalized Assistance, ask your teacher for help! PianoClass for Kids offers a real teacher to guide your child’s musical development and provide the necessary support for the adults.

Do I lose access to the videos at any point?

Definitely not! Once you purchase a module, you will always have access to its video lessons and learning material.

There is no limit to how many times you can use or print the material and watch the videos, as long as you use it within your immediate family.

Can I use the course with more than one child?

Yes. You may use the video lessons and the learning material with all the children in your immediate family.

We ask for your kindness to purchase a new module in case a kid from another family starts taking the lessons with your kids and if they take the learning material home with them.

May I cancel any module I didn't start yet?

No. As all the purchased modules are delivery fat the same time, you will always have access to them, but you can't cancel them.



Start now with the option that best works for your family!


“Don’t tell me the moon is shining;
show me the glint of light on broken glass.”
(attributed to Russian playwright Anton Chekhov)

We invite you to watch a live recording of PianoClass’ teachers playing the Fantasy op.103, D.940, by Franz Schubert.

This course presents our students with the answer to a fundamental question: “How do we wish we had learned music during our childhood?” All of the great masters of music simply didn’t work with children. It wasn’t that they did not know how to install the love for music and piano in a child, they definitely did. However, no children were educated by them.

Over the years, we picked up all the good ideas, researched, and observed the results. By producing this course, we are offering you decades of professional studies.

Enjoy and make every class worth it. Beyond the basics of notes and keys, learning piano here is an art.

Fernanda and Julio Machado, pianists

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