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Piano Lessons for Kids

A lot of imagination, games, improvisation and information are in this course which guides your children to their full musical and personal development through the piano.


The best gift you can give to your child!!


Piano Lessons for Kids - PianoClassFrom 0 to 3 years old, music education is done on a broad spectrum, including concepts and musical experiences in the family’s daily activities.

For parents, we provide more detailed explanations about the music content and games. As for the babies, they become familiar with great composers, broad repertoire, melodic, rhythmical and other sound quality experiments. We are always aiming at sound perception and the development of their own logic to understand and use music as language.

During the classes, we will be working on music history content (composers, repertoire, styles, folklore, geography and general culture), Graphic elements (clefs, staves, note values and rests, dynamics, articulations), Musical Perception (pitchs, dynamics, timbres, meter, rhythms), Mathematics (space-time notion, quantities, fractions, proportion), Languages (English, Italian, French, Portuguese, German, …), Organization and discipline (planning, achievement, the taste for the learning process and the results).


Piano Lessons for Kids - PianoClassFrom 4 years old on, the games provide more opportunities at the piano, the repertoire is more instrumental, and the work becomes directly with the child. Parents continue to be active at home and participate in class just to help on more technical issues and to guide students when they have questions.

We begin putting together a support repertoire – music pieces to listen to more actively – which will be fundamental in the development of the repertoire for piano. Our selection includes beautiful pieces by composers in every musical time period – including those who are still alive and can hear the child’s interpretation and send him or her a note of encouragement.

We build, with the kids and the whole family, a study system that encourages daily musical practice and spontaneous use of the instrument at home.


More learning opportunities

In recent years, we have developed a system that allows us to guide and monitor our students daily using the internet. In the specific case of music education for kids, this feature has made the process much more efficient and fun.

In SPECIAL ACTIVITIES, we offer seven different kinds of perspectives to form the basis and the necessary experience for a child’s musical development, and we provide the support that parents need.

At the same time, PRIVATE LESSONS allow us to set up a specific plan for each student. In the music education for kids, these classes last 25 minutes each and their frequency will be scheduled at the beginning of each contract and adjusted periodically to maintain and optimize the inclusion of music in the family’s daily life.

Sure, parents are the best people to know and guide their children. For this reason, most of the baby classes are actually attended by parents. The babies appear only to adjust the games and begin to gradually get to know the teacher, to eventually have their classes independently. From 3 years old on, children begin to attend all classes and parents will participate less. Of course, they will continue watching the lesson because they are fundamental in the management of musical practices at home.

Finally, we maintain several ACCOMPANYING platforms to give full support to our students and families. You can talk with us through text or video at any time of day or night, and soon, we will clarify the questions that have arisen, reinforcing issues that need explanation, adding games, and enjoying the great victories from those little moments that are remembered for your entire life.


A special time for your family!

The PianoClass for kids is different because:
# children learn from the comfort and safety of their home,
# the family gains a fun activity to spend more time together,
# we use the international folklore and the works of great composers,
# teachers are pianists who play and know how to teach and how to learn,
# we offer unique support from teachers between lessons and activities!