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Piano Lessons Method, by PianoClass

Piano Lessons Method by PianoClass


Our unique Piano Lessons Method was developed after more than fifteen years of studies and research in teaching and learning; it enhances memory, creativity, and learning because it respects the natural functioning of the brain.


Musical Philosophy


Our classes are based on the understanding of music and sound planning.

The musical and instrument techniques are taught directly in the repertoire, formed by original works of great composers.

We work musical perception with recordings of renowned interpreters and in the student’s own performance, making him independent from the teacher when verifying his work.

We guide the development of musical personality, searching for unique interpretations which respect both the piece and the interpreter.

We offer opportunities to participate in master classes, events, recitals and contests – the best way to have a mature repertoire and be able to relax in public.

Our teachers have a differentiated teaching technique and are instrumentalists with solo careers and emphasis in chamber music. We teach music because we have appropriate training, extensive hands-on experience, and passion for sharing everything with our students.

Here, we create art with respect, commitment, creativity, and lots of fun.

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