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Master Class

Master Class [16 Sep 2020]

A PianoClass Special Activity – exclusive for our students

Next Master Class

Pianista Julio Machado
The next Master Class is scheduled for 16 September 2020 and it will be taught in Portuguese by the pianist Julio Machado.


# Tchaikovsky, Children’s Album op39 n5 The toy soldiers’ march
performed by Carlos Botelho

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All our students will be invited to watch and participate in the live chat.


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Previous Master Classes

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Master Class 20200122

Recorded live on 22 January 2020.
Taught by Julio Machado.
# Barbara Arens, Prelude VII

Master Class 20171007

Recorded live on 7 October 2017.
Taught by Fernanda Machado.
# J. Hopkings, Hideout
# F. Chopin, Prelude op.28 n.20

This is an exclusive Special Activity for PianoClass’ students.
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