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PianoClass Academic Calendar

On smartphones and tablets, this calendar works better if in a horizontal position.

The events in this calendar are in Pacific Time Zone PST/PDT (UTC-8/UTC-7).

  • PianoClass ON: teachers ready for all PianoClass activities
  • Office Hours: weekly exclusive extra meetings with your teacher
  • PianoClass Special Activities: events exclusive to our students
    MasterClass, Review Class, Piano Forum, Game Party for Kids, Guided Concert, Technical Rehearsal, PianoClass in Concert
  • PCS: PianoClass Suggestion – events selected by our teachers

Click on the calendar’s events to see more details.

Click on  GoogleCalendar  (lower right corner of the calendar) to add this calendar to your Google Calendar.


Private Lessons


The individual live or recorded lessons are shared with each student via Google Calendar.
# Access the Google Calendar
# Log in with the email you gave us as your Google Account
# See all the lessons in your current plan
See the complete lesson list of your plan through the link on Google Drive.

If you need to reschedule a lesson, visit our Rescheduling Page as early as possible.


As it is asynchronous, there is no need for scheduling.
Follow the guidance on How to use the Follow-up and Office Hours page to start using this learning opportunity.

Office Hours

Confirm your attendance between 7 days and 24 hours in advance.
Learn more and schedule on How to use the Follow-up and Office Hours.


Special Activities

The live Special Activities schedule shows up in the calendar at the beginning of this page.
Click on the event and the link in the description to learn more. If the link is not clickable, copy it and past it on a browser.

Our library recordings can be accessed via the Special Activities page. You will need the password sent by your teacher.