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How to use OneDrive with PianoClass

We share learning material with our students using OneDrive folders. Follow the instructions below to access them.

Private Sharing

Send the email address you use to access your OneDrive to your teacher, and they will share the PianoClass folder with you.

For under 18 years old students, please also send the parents’ OneDrive email addresses.

How do I find my OneDrive email?

It is probably the same email used on your Windows account, the one you use to unlock your computer. You may want to double-check.

– Right button or menu button on your OneDrive icon
– Click on «Settings»
– Stay on the Account tab, you will find the email correct there
Send the email that shows up there to your teacher.

– Open any Microsoft Software, like Word, Excel, etc
– Click on your name, picture, or initials
Send the email that shows up there to your teacher.

If you don’t have any Microsoft Products on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, create a free OneDrive at OneDrive.com.
– Click on «See plans and pricing»
– Click on «Sign-up for free»


Accessing my PianoClass folder

Be sure to have the OneDrive accessible on your computer (PC/Mac), tablet, and smartphone.

Open the folder on Windows

If you have a computer running under Windows, you probably already have a OneDrive account.
– Open Windows Explorer
– Click on your OneDrive
– Click on the PianoClass shared folder (PianoClass & YourName)

Sync on Windows or MacOS

Click on Sync to learn how to install and use it on your computer (Windows/MacOS)

Use on Tablets and Smartphones

Download the OneDrive app from your app store and log in using the email you sent us.
On Mobile and Mac you may learn more about installing the app on your tablet and smartphone.

Open via Browser

Alternatively, you may access it via browser.
– Click on OneDrive.com
– Log in
– Click on the PianoClass shared folder (PianoClass & YourName)
– Add the folder to your OneDrive



Learn more about OneDrive at OneDrive help & learning page.



Contact your teacher if you have any questions about OneDrive or face issues when using it. They will help you to solve it. If your question can help other students, we will add the solution to this page.