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How to use Discord at PianoClass

This is an online guide to install and set up Discord for your lessons and special activities at PianoClass.


Install Discord on your computer (PC/Mac), tablet, and smartphone.

Access Discord, download the correct version for your system and install the software.

Create a free account or log in to an existing one.

Add your teacher to your friends clicking on «Add Friends» and search for:

  • FernandaMachado#4053
  • Julio.Machado#1152


Set up (PCs)

At Discord’s lower-left corner, you’ll see your picture or initials, your username, a mic, a headphone, and the settings engine.

Click on the engine to open Discord’s settings.

Under App Settings, you’ll see Voice & Video, click to access its settings and follow the steps below.

Voice & Video:

Choose your Input device (mic) and set the volume to around 80%
Choose your Output device (speaker) and set the volume to around 90%
Hovering the mouse over the volume controls, you’ll see the volume percentage.

Use the Mic Test to be sure it is working well.

Mark only Voice Activity.
Turn off Automatically determine input sensitivity (the switch must be gray and not blue) and pull the white bar to the left (-100db), so the horizontal bar becomes all green.

Choose your webcam and test your video.

Turn off Echo Cancellation and Automatic Gain Control and select No Noise Reduction.

Keep the Audio Subsystem on «Standard».

To leave the settings page press Esc.


Set up (tablets and smartphones)

Follow the same instructions above and don’t worry if some options are not available, the mobile apps are simpler and have fewer resources.

Use Discord on tablets and smartphones only for special activities that won’t require that you play the piano.


Individual lessons

Calling your piano teacher

Once you add your teacher as your friend on Discord, you’ll find their name on the left sidebar.

At your lesson time, right-click on their name and then on «call».

Or click on their name and then on the camera – the 2nd icon on Discord’s top-right corner.

Leaving the lesson

Move the mouse over the Discord window and click on «Leave call».


Special Activities

To use Discord for the Special Activities, follow the instructions for the specific activity according to your enrollment – as a listener or a performer.



Here is one possible issue you may experience using Discord and the solutions:

Image freezes in a video call

If this happens, turn off the OpenH264 Video Codec

For other issues, please check Discord’s Troubleshooting page.



If you have any questions to ask about Discord or face issues when using it, contact your teacher. They will help you solve it. If your question can help other students, we will include it here and how to solve it.