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Review Class

A PianoClass Special Activity – exclusive for PianoClass students

The Review Classes present essential knowledge, abilities, and habits for the pianist, musical, and artistic development of a student, saving lots of time from your live lessons.

We approach theory, technique, and expressiveness aiming at interpretation and art.

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Review Classes Library

Available exclusively via PianoClass student’s playlists.
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Review Class 20190810 – Sound Layers

Recorded on August 10, 2019 with the pianist Julio Machado
How do you find and organize the Sound Layers of your piece? How do you apply this knowledge in the study and interpretation of your repertoire? Is the definition of the sound layers of a piece subjective, dependent on the pianist’s interpretation, or is it something already established from the moment of its composition? Let’s find out this and much more in this Review Lesson, full of musical examples.


Review Class 20170218 – Piano Topography

Recorded on February 18, 2017 with the pianist Fernanda Machado
Knowing how to easily find yourself and move around gives you the freedom to pay attention to what really matters, the art.
Using the piano topography as a “means”, we also inserted into this Review Class fundamental studying procedures for those who want to play nicely and always get it right. Students who are willing to follow all the presented guidance will have learned what many people would take years to realize.
Students and pianists of all levels will gain much from this practice for mastering the piano topography and mostly for mastering the proper study procedure.


Review Class 20170114 – Posture

Recorded on February 18, 2017 with the pianist Fernanda Machado
A proper posture is the first step to successful learning. At the piano, it is essential to the expressive and artistic performance.
Each moment of the video was planned for beginners and advanced students to have deep benefits from its content, clearly and objectively presented with many examples and activities for improved learning.


This is an exclusive Special Activity for PianoClass’ students.
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