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PianoClass in Concert

A PianoClass Special Activity – created to our student and available to our audience.

PianoClass in Concert – Criação Musical

Saturday, 12 December de 2020

This concert presents original works composed by the students Jaime Chiganças and Marcelo Arenas, plus one composition from their professor Bruno Angelo. We are celebrating a two-year student-teacher relationship cycle, which naturally has evolved with new facets like musician-musician or simply friends and the creative work shared by these composers. All the pieces presented were developed during the composition lessons and show a wide range of musical procedures and styles, which the composers value and consider fundamental and vital to the sound imaginary. All these experiences will have space in this event as the participants decided to interchange the music performances with an enrichment chat, as commentaries, testimonials, interpretations, and laughs are also part of the universe around the music creation.

  • 00:20 – Concert opening
  • 03:29 – A place far away from here, Jaime Chiganças
    06:54 – performance Bruno Angelo
  • 14:20 – Flute, piano and cello Trio, 1st mov., Marcelo Arenas
    15:34 – virtual orchestration
  • 22:52 – Colors of dreams, Jaime Chiganças
    25:29 – virtual orchestration
  • 28:43 – The colors of the wind, Marcelo Arenas
    30:22 – performace Bruno Angelo
  • 35:37 – Epic Music, Jaime Chiganças
    38:27 – virtual orchestration
  • 49:08 – Dark Sea, Marcelo Arenas
    49:55 – performance Marcelo Arenas
  • 55:23 – Live through the wind, Bruno Angelo
    59:07 – performance Bruno Angelo


Previous PianoClass in Concert editions

Wath the recordings from our library.


23rd PianoClass in Concert

Relaese on 14 Dezecmber 2019.

  • Barbara Arens, 2 pieces from 21 AEP
    – Preludio I
    – Blues
    performed by Carla Maia Garcias (Brazil)
  • Robert Schumann, Kinderszenen op.15 n.1
    performed by Carlos Botelho (Brazil/USA)
  • Jaime Chiganças, Spring Time
    virtual orchestration and music production by Jaime Chiganças (Brazil)
  • Marcelo Arenas, As Cores do Vento
    performed by Marcelo Arenas (Brazil)
  • Johann Sebastian Bach, Partita n.2 BWV 826 – Sinfonia
    performed by Matteo Magistris (Italy/France)
  • John Williams/Sony Belousova, Star Wars Medley: – Princess Leia’s Theme
    performed by Luciana Carvalho (Brazil)


22nd PianoClass in Concert

Released on 20 July 2019.

  • L. van Beethoven, Sonata op.27 n.2 in C# minor
    – 1st movement: Adagio sostenuto
    performed by Gabriel Barros
  • F. Chopin, Prelude op.28 n.15 in Db Major
    performed by Filipe Decusati
  • J. Haydn, Sonata Hob. XVI:23 in F Major
    – Andante
    – Adagio
    – Presto
    performed by Luciana Carvalho



21st PianoClass in Concert – Criação Musical

Released on 11 May 2019.

    Jaime Chiganças

  • Somewhere in the Future – piano and orchestral work (performed by the compositor)
  • Chromatic Fantasy – piano and wind quintet
    Marcelo Arenas

  • Symphony nº 3 in E minor – orchestral work
  • Symphony nº 4 in D minor – orchestral work


20th PianoClass in Concert

Released on 14 July 2018.

  1. Jonathan Hopkins, Hideout
    by Levi Davis
  2. Barbara Arens, Prelude III
    by Caroline Gattass
  3. M. Ravel, Prélude
    by Eduardo Canizella Junior
  4. D. Scarlatti, Sonate in g
  5. C. Debussy, The Little Shepherd (Le Petit Berger)
  6. F. Chopin, Prelude op.28 n.4
    by Cássio Christianini
  7. D. Scarlatti, Sonate K67
  8. Rameau, Les Tendres Plaintes
  9. J.S.Bach, Inventio 15
    by Luciana Carvalho
  10. H. Villa-Lobos, Ciranda n.15 – Que lindos olhos…
  11. H. Villa-Lobos, Ciranda n.1 – Terezinha de Jesus…
    by Bruno Schönhofen


19th PianoClass in Concert

Release on 1 July 2017.

  1. Elena Cobb, 6 pieces from My Piano Trip to London
    – Bird’s View from the London Eye
    – Spooky Tower
    – Cats & Dogs
    – Tea at Five, Sharp!
    – Double-Decker Bass
    – Gravity
    – Take the Tuba
    by Julia Jardim e Fernanda Machado
  2. Mário Mascarenhas, 4 pieces and a free version from Duas Mãozinhas no Teclado
    – O Sol (versão de inverno)
    – Saci Pererê
    – Trovão
    – A chuva
    – O Sol (versão de verão)
    by Frederico Costa
  3. S. Beneking, Zita in Wonderland – Chapter 1: Down the Rabbit-Hole
    by Levi Davis
  4. Elena Cobb, from My Piano Trip to London – Pirate Song
    W. A. Mozart, from London Notebook – KV15mm
    by Enrico Costa
  5. J. S. Bach, Menuet BWV Anh. 132 in d minor
    by Daniel Lopes
  6. W. A. Mozart, from London Notebook – KV15pp
    by Juliana Meroni
  7. A. Khachaturian, A little song
    by Cássio Christianini
  8. H. Villa-Lobos, Cirandinha n. 5 Senhora Pastora
    by Filipe Decusati
  9. F. Chopin, Waltz op. 69 n.1
    by Eduardo Burck Costa
  10. Ludovico Einaudi, Nuvole Bianche
    by Glauco Poetsch Martins
  11. F. Mendelssohn, Song without words op. 19 n.2
    Nazareth, Escorregando
    by Luciana Carvalho


18th PianoClass in Concert

Release on 17 December 2016, our first online edition.

  1. W. A. Mozart, Viennese Sonatina No.1 C Major – 1st movement: Allegro brillante
    performed by Henrique Machado
  2. Elena Cobb, My Piano Trip to London – Royal Guard
    performed by Enrico Costa and Fernanda Machado
  3. Elena Cobb, My Piano Trip to London – TV Station BBC
    performed by Enrico Costa and Fernanda Machado
  4. Elena Cobb, My Piano Trip to London – Spooky Tower
    performed by Enrico Costa and Fernanda Machado
  5. Shoji Meguro, Alone (Persona 4)
    performed by Vitória Gomes
  6. Shoji Meguro, Memories of the School (Persona 3)
    performed by Vitória Gomes
  7. Chiquinha Gonzaga, Suspiro
    performed by Luciana Carvalho
  8. F. Chopin, Prelude Op.28 No.4
    performed by Cássio Christianini
  9. Ryuichi Sakamoto, Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence
    performed by Eduardo Burck Costa


We are restoring old recordings from previous editions to be published here in the future.


This is an Special Activity created to our PianoClass students and available to our audience.
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