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This is a PianoClass Special Activity – exclusive for our students

Our instructors will answer and discuss the questions and topics sent by PianoClass students about piano, music, and art.

Instructors: Bruno Angelo (composer), Fernanda Machado (pianist), and Julio Machado (piansit)

Answers: will be recorded and published on Saturday, 14 August 2021

Questions: PianoClass current students may send questions or topics through the form below until Friday, 13 August 2021 at 4 pm UTC.

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Previous Piano Forums

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Piano Forum 20210227

Recorded live on February 27, 2021, presenting the pianists Fernanda Machado and Julio Machado
The event happened in Portuguese (the original language of the question).


# How can I know if I’m evolving on the piano? Which parameters can I use to measure that? Sometimes it seems we are stuck at a certain level, and we can’t move on from it.


Piano Forum 20200912

Recorded live on September 12, 2020, presenting the pianists Fernanda Machado, Julio Machado, and the composer Bruno Angelo.
The topics discussed in the language of the original question. We intend to provide English subtitles in a near future for the topics discussed in Portuguese.


# Intervals: why perfect and major/minor? (EN)
# Modal music and its relationship with Brazilian pop and folk music.(PT)
# How long should we practice the piano a day? (PT)
# Memory vs sheet music, should we keep the sheet music or let it go? (PT)
# When the music has no metronomic indication, will each performer play it at different speeds? (PT)
# Shouldn’t the teacher initiate the student on chords right at the beginning? (PT)
# Why the less known composers with interesting pieces of composition are not played when learning the classical piano? (PT)


Piano Forum 20170923

Recorded live on September 23, 2017, with the pianist Fernanda Machado


# Vertical Movements
# Circular Movements
# Weight transfer through the fingers

This is an exclusive Special Activity for PianoClass’ students.
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