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PianoClass in Concert

20th PianoClass in Concert

Open event.

On July 14, 2018 at 5:30 (EST) we were live, presenting the recordings some of our students prepared throughout the last months, in their own studios.

The concentration room, just for the pianists, and the live chat with our lovely audience brought a special touch to this event.

If you missed it, be cool. Check the program, the tips to watch and enjoy the recording! The player is just down this page. 😉

  1. Jonathan Hopkins, Hideout
    by Levi Davis

  3. Barbara Arens, Prelude III
    by Caroline Gattass

  5. M. Ravel, Prélude
    by Eduardo Canizella Junior

  7. D. Scarlatti, Sonate in g
  8. C. Debussy, The Little Shepherd (Le Petit Berger)
  9. F. Chopin, Prelude op.28 n.4
    by Cássio Christianini

  11. D. Scarlatti, Sonate K67
  12. Rameau, Les Tendres Plaintes
  13. J.S.Bach, Inventio 15
    by Luciana Carvalho

  15. H. Villa-Lobos, Ciranda n.15 – Que lindos olhos…
  16. H. Villa-Lobos, Ciranda n.1 – Terezinha de Jesus…
    by Bruno Schönhofen
  • We suggest you use headphones or connect your computer/tablet/smartphone to you TV set for a better sound experience.

  • Log into your YouTube channel account (which must be active) to participate in the live chat with us.

  • If you’re using a mobile, be aware that the live chat will probably be on the bottom of the screen. Just click on it to start chatting.

  • Feel free to share the link of this event with your friends. Just copy the text down here and send them.


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