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How to use YouTube with the PianoClass

The PianoClass has two YouTube channels:


Here are all PianoClass public videos. Recordings from students, teachers, PianoClass in Concert and promotinal videos are all organized in this channel.


Every material exclusive to PianoClass students is produced and saved in this channel. The videos are unlisted and shared in our students’ individual playlists.


How to watch videos from myPianoClass playlist?

Log into your YouTube/Google account, click in your individual playlist «PianoClass & Your Name», and enjoy our videos.


Special Activities videos

The Special Activities recordings are shared through each student individual playlist.

You will receive automatically the links for every live Special Activity happening during your contract and the recordings will be included in your playlist.

Access our video library directly at Special Activities’ page, choose videos you’d like to watch, and send to your teacher the titles you’d like them to include in your playlist. If you reach the maximum number of Special Activities of your Learning Plan, the new live or recorded ones will replace old videos.


Lessons and Follow-up videos

All Lesson and Follow-up videos are included in your individual playlist.

How to post a video for your teacher?

  1. Upload the video to your YouTube account and
  2. Name the file as «YearMonthDay composer, music – details» like this example: 20170826 J.S.Bach, Invention #1 – first sentence counting the beats
  3. Mark your playlist PianoClass & Your Name and click “done
  4. Click on More Options, uncheck “Publish to subscriptions feed and notify subscribers”, and click “next
  5. Click Next again
  6. Mark it as unlisted and click “save
  7. Send a quick Tonara chat message to your teacher saying you added new videos in your playlist


Technical tips

As students ask for help to use YouTube with PianoClass, we’ll add little guides and tips in this page.

How to make a note at private videos?

Go to your myPianoClass playlist and

  1. Pass your o mouse over the image of the video you want to add a note
  2. click on the arrow besides the word “More” that will show up on the right of the screen
  3. Click on “Add/edit note”
  4. Click on “Save”.
  5. Done! Your note will show up right below the info of who uploaded the video.