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PianoClass in Concert

18th PianoClass in Concert

version 2016.12.17 – Br: RS, SP, AL
published at December 17th – 3:30 PM EST
Open event.

    Our first online and borderless edition presents six of our students on brand new recordings of some interpretations concluded at the end of 2016.
    The pianists recorded their performances at their own studios, except for the 4-hands pieces – recorded at PianoClass accompanied by the pianist Fernanda Machado.
  • We suggest you use headphones or connects your computer/tablet/smartphone to your TV to have an optimun experience at this event.
  • Feel free to share this event’s link with your friends. Just copy the text down here and send it to them.https://pianoclass.com/en/?evento=pianoclass-in-concert-161217/
  • At the end of the presentation, follow the comments’ link and write us your opinion about this event.

  1. W. A. Mozart, Viennese Sonatina No.1 C Major – 1st movement: Allegro brillante
    performed by Henrique Machado
  2. Elena Cobb, My Piano Trip to London – Royal Guard
    performed by Enrico Costa and Fernanda Machado
  3. Elena Cobb, My Piano Trip to London – TV Station BBC
    performed by Enrico Costa and Fernanda Machado
  4. Elena Cobb, My Piano Trip to London – Spooky Tower
    performed by Enrico Costa and Fernanda Machado
  5. Shoji Meguro, Alone (Persona 4)
    performed by Vitória Gomes
  6. Shoji Meguro, Memories of the School (Persona 3)
    performed by Vitória Gomes
  7. Chiquinha Gonzaga, Suspiro
    performed by Luciana Carvalho
  8. F. Chopin, Prelude Op.28 No.4
    performed by Cássio Christianini
  9. Ryuichi Sakamoto, Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence
    performed by Eduardo Burck Costa


Now you just need to click the Play button and enjoy! 🙂

We hope to see you again at our next events!

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