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Master Class

Master Class [Oct. 7th, 2017]

October 7th, 2017, at 3:30 p.m. EDT
Teachers: Fernanda Machado and Julio Machado

The Special Activity’s Master Class is a live, online and educational event.

Here, the students present their pieces and receive suggestions about different approaches of how to study and about interpretation which makes their musical expression through the piano easier and better.

Playing for other people is an experience of great importance to develop a good musical ear and performance. This is the perfect opportunity to start doing so and overcome the “butterflies in your stomach”.

This event is over.

Check our schedule to attend the next one.



The recording of this event is available to our students as part of our Special Activities library. To watch it, be sure to log into the Google account you’ve informed us.

Repertoire presented in this Master Class:

  • J. Hopkings, Hideout – performed by Levi Davis
  • F. Chopin, Prelude op.28 n.20 – performed by Henrique Machado
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    This is an exclusive Special Activity for PianoClass’ students.
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