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Essential Review Class – Pianistic Movements

[this Review Class is being edited and will soon be available]
Teacher: Fernanda Machado

The Essential Review Class is a project to teach and revise essential knowledge and abilities to form a solid base that will allow the full growth of each new pianist.
Realizing the existence and importance of those concepts and always using them at daily piano practices, your artistic development will be at least 50% faster and you’ll be able to reach results practically impossible without them.

The topic for this third video is about the Pianist Movements. They are the heart of the piano technique, giving you the ability to communicate yourself through music. Much of what the audience may consider an inspiration, is actually just the correct use of the pianistic movements. They make us feel the precise rhythmic sensation, help us control the movement between musical elements, and allow us to express the musical nuances of a piece in a natural and pleasant way.
To play the piano without knowing the pianistic movements changes the art into something laborious, and can even be dangerous to the body, as they are the ones who connect the free artistic imagination to its performance in real life.

How to watch this Review Class?

Be sure to log into the Google account you’ve informed us ant click play.

You may watch it on your computer, tablet, smartphone or any other device that access your YouTube account.

Wearing earphones or connecting to an audio system will guaranty a better sound quality.

This video is in the line of production and will be release shortly.


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